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QuickBooks Point of Sale:

Top Reasons Why Inventory Falls Out Of Balance Between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale

Reason 1 – Selling Before Receiving

Reason 2 – Changing a Bill in QuickBooks Posted from QBPOS

Reason 3 – You Got the Mapping Wrong

Reason 4 – You Recorded the Bill Twice in QuickBooks

Reason 5 – Misunderstanding Unbilled Purchases

QuickBooks Point of Sale – General Software Topics

What’s New for QBPOS 2013

 What’s New for QBPOS V12 (Released in 2015)



QBPOS Hardware Topics

Intuit to Change Encryption on Pin Pads – New Pin Pads to Come

Sales Tax in QuickBooks Point of Sale

How to Handle a Sales Tax Holiday or Different Taxation of Products at Different Stores

QuickBooks Enterprise Blog Posts

QBES 2015 Platinum Users Must Choose Between Advanced Pricing and Advanced Reporting

Intuit Drops Integrated IPN for 2015

QuickBooks for Wineries and Tasting Rooms


Adjusting Wine in Process Inventory Items in QuickBooks

Using Multi-store for Inventory Sales and Location Tracking in QBPOS

Sales and Use Tax in CA Tasting Rooms

Tracking Inventory Locations with only One Store Front